Thursday, July 21, 2005

We've hit the mother load. There was so much pussy at this party you could smell it's sweet scent in the air. And two tits per chick is a lot of fuckin’' titties. Rey hooked up with a little Latina chick for a quick blowjob, and John hooked up with a euro-chick for a quick fuck.. JOIN NOW

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Tons of tits again. The babes are hotter than ever, and the pussy is dripping wet. Drunk lesbians lick each other on the mouth, and some drunk chick grinds all over Wayne. Dicks get sucked, and pussy gets fucked. What more could you ask for.. JOIN NOW

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More wild action from the coast. It must be the water that makes these girls so horny, then again maybe it's the beer. Tyler and Lisa get it on, they have wanted to fuck for us several times before. Lisa finally gets her wish, and she also gets a steamy load of cum to clean up.. JOIN NOW

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All that sun must be doing wonders on those college babes in Touscon, AZ. We hooked up with one girl that was a fuckin hell cat but didn't want to be filmed. But no worries, we led her to a room with 3 hidden cams. We didn't miss a beat. Watch as she sucks and fucks Micah's friend.. JOIN NOW